Spade Edging

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A Manicured Look


 Complete the look with

Spade Edging

Whether you have flowers and foliage or fruits and vegetables, a garden bed is enhanced by edging. Around a bed of ornamental plants, edging focuses the viewer's attention like a frame around a picture. In a vegetable garden, it separates plants from walkways and potatoes from peas.

Edging holds garden mulch and makes it easier to mow close to bed borders. Edging also helps keep invasive garden plants from spreading into the lawn and grass from spreading into the garden.

The best types of edging are: paver edging, or spade-cut trenches. Each has advantages, and you can use different kinds around your property.  Spade Edging is far more the cleanest look

Go Green...

Do Spade Edging!


Spade-Cut Edging
A shallow trench dug around the perimeter of the bed is the most common edgingl. Done neatly, it can also be one of the most elegant.

Many of the beds and borders in much-admired English gardens, for example, have spade-cut edges. Spade-cut edges work well on any site, sloped or level, with beds of all shapes and plantings of all types.



This is what spade edging will look like.