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Understanding Aeration


 Aeration for your Lawn

Lawn aeration constitutes two things, controlling lawn thatch and reducing soil compaction.

Lawn thatch is a layer of dead organic tissue that deprives the lawn of much-needed oxygen. Soil compaction makes it difficult for grass to root and it disturbs natural rainwater irrigation. The best time to aerate is after having a good rain.  No need to dethatch, aeration takes care of it all.

It is known that scientific evidence exists that aeration makes a measurable difference in the long-term health or quality of a lawn.

Core aerators have hollow spikes and pull out plugs (or "cores") of soil. These plugs of soil do not get removed they will in time break apart into your lawn and the holes will be gone as well.


Fertilizing or Seeding

It's good to fertilize or overseed your lawn after this process.  Because you now have the holes which enables the fertilizer or seed to get into the lawns root structure.

Please Note:  You cannot fertilize and seed at the same time.  Seeding  could not be done for at least two months after fertilizing.

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